The Upper Suriname River

The Upper Suriname River is one of the major arteries that form the life blood of this little-known country. Lying as it does along the north-east coast of South America, South American country, bordered by Guyana, Brazil and French Guyana, it is a country that is most certainly "of the forest".

The Upper Suriname, the Commewijne and the Marrowijne are the major rivers of Suriname and between them carve out deep channels through the dense rain forest of this, the northern Amazon basin. It is not a well known country; for those interested, I can highly recommend John Gimlette's fine book, "The Wild Coast". It offers a very insightful look at the history and social evolution of the Remarkable Guyanas.

Working with the Paramaribo-based tour operator, Oetsi Tours, we have been looking at the Maroon communities, and their community-based lodges, to determine the best combination of products and marketing strategy for Oetsi to work with the the North American market.