Product Development

Working with communities. regions and even countries new to the tourism industry, we offer a path from the status quo to market-ready product, and the bedrock of a tourism industry. We listen to community needs and wants, identify key players and components that will combine into packages, talk about pricing, marketing and the experiences that clients will be expecting when they arrive in the community. We look to build a community-wide approach to developing this sector of economic activity, and integrate tourism into the current community structure.

Our goal is to build the foundation for a sustainable tourism industry that will be controlled locally in conjunction with partners in the distributive side of the industry.

Product Marketing

With combined experience of decades in marketing niche tourism programs in a global market, we are positioned to offer expertise to any group looking to bring a small-inventory program to a large an active market. We understand the options available and the most efficient and cost-effective methods of promotion in the major global markets and look forward to working with our clients to build their product awareness.

Working in conjunction with the multi-faceted travel industry, consumer-direct marketing, the media and the public relations industry we will be sure to develop a marketing plan to suit your organisation's requirements.

Individual and Group Travel Counselling

For over thirty-five years we have had experience in the retail and wholesale travel market, and bring this knowledge to you through our personalised travel counselling services. 

Working with individual clients, and designing and coordinating global travel experiences, we bring decades of experience and a worldwide network of partners to each and every consultation. We offer, in Canada, a comprehensive booking, ticketing and travel coordination service, and look forward to assisting in the creation of your next adventure.