The collaboration of Ia Tabagari, Cameron Taylor and Max Johnson offers clients a unique combination of tourism advice and insight; their work draws on extensive academic, public sector and private sector experience, and combines to create real knowledge and assistance from product development to marketing.

Working with national or regional tourism organisations, individual tour operators, events and facilities looking to sharpen their position in the tourism industry, we can bring insight, experience and advice to projects large and small.

In addition to our corporate consultancy, in Canada we offer personalised travel consulting, and a full booking service to our individual clientele. Our speciality lies with to construction and coordination of complex international journeys, and we look forward to assisting in the development of your program.

With offices in Canada, Scotland and the Republic of Georgia, our geographic scope is wide, and our affinity for global projects assured.

We look forward to hearing about new programs, and invite you to contact us to discuss your next tourism project.