Bathurst Inlet is a community lying in Canada's Arctic. It consists of a small, but only partly-inhabited Inuit hamlet, and a lodge facility that incorporates a number of old Hudson Bay Company buildings. The entire community is fascinating, and offers visitors a true immersion into the culture and lives of the indigenous people of the north. Working with the owner, our was was to preposition the lodge, operating since 1970, to meet the interests of the contemporary traveller. 

In conjunction with the local Inuit, who are both part owners, and the key operating staff, the lodge would like to regain at a minimum a 30-day operational period. Shortly we will begin to develop the "narrative" of Bathurst, and begin the process of re-branding the property as the premier destination for those seeking the purity of the Arctic, and a comprehensive introduction to the region's culture, history, archaeology, wildlife and landscapes. 

Bathurst Inlet is a very special place indeed.